03 2019
Interview with a Young Lust Addict

What is Recovery from Sex Addiction Like?

“Daniel” is a Christian in his late 20’s who recently entered recovery from sex addiction. In order to pursue recovery, he recently made the difficult decision to break up with his girlfriend. He agreed to be interviewed to share his experience.

JH: How did you hear about Living Without Lust?

Daniel:  My sponsor gave me a copy of your book The Rest of God and suggested I attend the men’s conference you hosted last February at the Salem Center. At the conference, they mentioned a 12 Step group and I started attending right after the conference.

JH: What did you especially appreciate about the conference?
Daniel: I really liked the Heart of Man movie. It challenged my perception of reality that beautiful things are always good. I now realize that used wrongly, they can bring death.

JH: What convinced you of your need for recovery?
Daniel:  My compulsive use of masturbation, pornography, fantasy, strip clubs and phone sex.

JH: How has your life changed these past few months?
Daniel: Life has been much better since I got into recovery. I went to counseling to get help and ended up breaking up with serious relationship. Right now, I am learning how to be a single person and to love God. I now know that the right relationship won’t fix me.

JH: How has your relationship with God changed?
Daniel: I kind of hated God and was bitter toward Him because I perceived He had wronged me. He was asking me to give up my girlfriend but I wanted her. But through the break-up, I began to understand God’s love and to put Him and my recovery first.

JH: How is your emotional and spiritual life now?
Daniel: It’s getting better but I still have a ways to go. When I first attended 12 Step meetings, which corresponded with my seeing a counselor, I would have thoughts about 30 times a day that I probably should not be alive. Sometimes this came with a compulsion to take my own life in a specific way. With progress in recovery and progressive victory over lust (and learning that I don’t have to agree with those thoughts!), I have found significant progress in my mental health in this area.  I still struggle with depression and anxiety, chemical dependency and sex addiction. I find I have to manage stress in my life to be healthy. The great thing is there is now no block between God and me any more. The addiction is losing its power over me. I actually find I can love myself and like who I am.

JH: Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us.

“Daniel” is one of several men who have entered recovery since our February 2019 men’s conference. Information about our February 2020 men’s conference will be coming out soon.  To help us reach more men like Daniel, you may make your tax-deductible gift below.

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