23 2014
From The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolf

“Sherman resumed his walk toward First Avenue in a state of agitation. It was in the air! It was a wave! Everywhere! Inescapable!…Sex!…There for the taking! It walked down the street, as bold as you please! It was splashed all over the shops! If you were a young man and halfway alive, what chance did you have?…Technically, he had been unfaithful to his wife. Well sure…but who could remain monogamous with this, this, this tidal wave of concupiscence rolling across the world? …A Master of the Universe couldn’t be a saint, after all…It was unavoidable. … You can’t dodge snowflakes, and this was a blizzard! He had merely been caught at it, that’s all, or halfway caught at it.. It meant nothing. It had no moral dimension. It was nothing more than getting soaking wet. By the time he reached the cabstand at First and Seventy-ninth, he had just about worked it out in his mind.”