25 2023
LWL Executive Director and Founder Jay Haug Stepping Away at Year End

After Nine Plus Years of Ministry, I will be stepping away at the end of 2023.

How did this come about? When I turned 70 in April of 2021, I informed the Living Without Lust board that I had entered into a glide path to exit my role as executive director. At that time, I informed them that I would be leaving not less than one year and not more than five years from our discussion. As it turn out, I will be leaving halfway through that period.

Why now? LWL has just completed one of our most active years of ministry. We have consulted with dozens of individuals, networked with other men’s and recovery ministries , hosted seminars in person and online, helped newly ordained clergy to understand the challenge, kept a robust online presence and welcomed the Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit to Jacksonville in May of this year.

In prayer and conversation with my wife, Claudia and others, I came to believe it was time to move to a slightly different life focus and this could not happen with the busy organizational work that LWL currently demands. Also, we have just welcomed our seventh grandchild. I have always believed that my primary legacy was family first, ministry second, and it is time for me to live up to that creed.

What will happen to Living Without Lust? The next six months will be a year of transition where we be open to this work continuing. We will welcome those who might consider succeeding me and see where we are in the fall.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the job description, please email me at jay@livingwithoutlust.com. Please express your interest by September 15th of this year. (Note: We are very open to God taking this work in new directions consistent with our general mission, so the job description only refers to skills we believe are necessary.. We have no intention of binding future servant/leaders.)

Will you continue working with LWL in any capacity? No. My only role will be to help my successor from the sidelines in any way I can to facilitate the transition. The next year will be filled with uncertainty, so please be patient with us as we walk this out. Though I will be fully available of the rest of 2023, LWL will likely spend a good part of 2024 gearing up for the future.

What will you do? My plan is to undertake some long-delayed writing. I will continue to work on my own recovery and may get involved in one on one spiritual/vocational direction with an emphasis on sex addiction recovery. When and if that becomes a reality, I will let you know.

It has been my pleasure to know you at this level with our mutual focus on recovering men. If I can answer any questions or offer any help over the next six months, please feel free to reach out.

In Gratitude,

Jay Haug
Executive Director
Living Without Lust