16 2021
Emotional Connection: The Story and Science of Preventing Conflict and Creating Lifetime Love



All couples want their relationships to succeed. There is no shortage of relationship advice about better couples communication, protecting your marriage from affairs, resolving conflict or saving your marriage from divorce.

The truth is, without a sustained focus on building intimate connection, a marriage can become dissatisfying. The initial love attraction and the commitment to vows are often not enough to protect relationships from disconnection, affairs and divorce. Childhood trauma, adolescent attachment injuries, and early marriage priorities all plot the course for our adult relationship security.

The feelings and excitement of new love begin to fade after a year or two. What once felt like a magical connection begins to look like the relationship you said you would never have. You commit to reconnect when the nest is empty. It never happens. Instead you become strangers.

It’s only in recent years that the theory and science of secure loving attachment has been taught to couples therapists. Now thousands of well-researched articles discuss how bonds of love are created and nurtured. Author Dr. Michael Regier, a seasoned therapist certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), takes these lifesaving truths and insights about secure attachment and lasting love and lays them out in a way that you can apply to your relationship.