30 2020
What Should We Do With Our $600 Checks?

The strangest and most challenging of years is coming to an end. Guarding against still more challenging times ahead, the US government is about to issue its second round of direct payments to citizens. The exact amount is undetermined as of this writing, but is very likely to be at least $600 per adult.

Every indication tells us we are living in a bifurcated economy. Many people are somewhat unaffected financially by Covid 19, while others struggle to pay housing, energy and medical costs and even put food on the table. The good news is that Americans have responded to the call for help with record-setting donations to food banks, pop up distribution centers and other charities. Let’s continue to respond in 2021.

In our household, government checks this year have allowed us to give more than usual to help family members, as well as local food banks. We also continue to support Living Without Lust because of the important work of helping men and families suffering from the ravages of sex addiction. What we offer is help. Our currency is hope.

One day Covid 19 will depart from our midst. But our work will continue.
Please consider a year end gift to Living Without Lust. Giving is easy and secure here www.livingwithoutlust.com/donate

If you wish to send a check, you may send it to Living Without Lust, P.O. Box 845, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. 32004. Thank you!

In the Lust-Bearer,

Jay Haug
Executive Director
Living Without Lust